After years of wear and tear and deterioration of your knee, now it is not even able to bear your own weight. Medication and support are not effective anymore to do your daily chores and social life is limited to mobile and laptop. After X-ray reports your doctor advises you knee replacement surgery. Cancun is the best place to solve all of your problems, giving you the most advanced medical procedure with half of the price from other countries and much more.

All you need to know about knee replacement

Also known as knee arthroplasty, in which damaged joint surfaces of the knee joint are replaced with artificial materials like plastic and metallic joints to increase mobility and reduce pain of the joint.

Based on the severity of damaged joint, there are different knee joint surgeries.

In this procedure, the whole joint is replaced. Lower end of the femur and upper end of the tibia involved in the joint are removed and attached to an artificial joint mostly metallic. Because this procedure involves the whole knee joint therefore also called total knee arthroplasty.

When only one end of the joint is involved in deterioration, then your doctor will advise you of this procedure, also known as uni compartmental knee arthroplasty, in which either the upper end of tibia or lower end of femur is replaced by prosthetic joint.

There are many advantages to this procedure, including:

◦ Small incision,

◦ Less time in surgery

◦ less compilation or risk of surgery

◦ quickly heal and minimum hospital stay

◦ Post-op rehabilitation is easier.

  • Minimally knee replacement surgery

Most advanced technique-like laparoscopic procedures, there is small incision of 3 – 5 inch unlike 9 – 12 inch in standard approach and use specialized instruments.

  • Revision knee replacement surgery

Replace fractured prosthetics with another prosthetic but every revision increases risk of complications.

COST: different countries have a different range of cost but Cancun is one of the most affordable places

  • Total knee replacement ($US 9,500 – $US 13,500)
  • Minimally Invasive knee replacement ($US 12,500 – $US 12,500)
  • Partial knee replacement ($US 11,500 – $US 12,500)
  • Revision knee replacement ($US 18,500 – $US 19,500)

TIME OF PROCEDURE: It takes 1.5-3 hours in operation after a few hours of preparation of the patient for anesthesia. Then hospitalize for 3-5 days, recovery takes weeks to months depending upon your condition.

SUCCESS RATIO: New knee joint last over 10 years in over 90% of patients and 20 years in over 80%

RISK: Following serious risk of operations

  • Nerve damage, infection and blood clots
  • Refracture, dislocation and breakage of prosthesis
  • Pulmonary embolism and stroke (rare)
  • Don’t panic. These complications occur in 1 in 10000.

Why chose Cancun for knee replacement

  • Top-notch faculty and experienced doctors graduated fromUS

Highly experienced specialized orthopedic surgeons for knee replacement are available. They perform precise and most accurate surgeries to minimize complications and maximize rehabilitation of the joint. Therefore, success ratio is above 90%

  • Most advanced techniques and specialized equipment

In Cancun, you can expect all types of knee replacement surgery, even minimal invasive, if that is recommended by your doctor

  • Highly affordable

Cancun is known for its affordability and you know “in the end it’s all about money” 

               Knee Replacement (TKR) IN CANCUN IS $US 13,500.

Knee Replacement (THR) IN US AND CANADA IS $US 30,000.

  • FDA approved implant

                   In Cancun hospitals, Best quality implant is used to give best possible results after surgery and minimize complication of implants.

  • Convenient location

Well-connected airports and transportation to specialized hospitals is an impressive feature. Short intercity and international flights with best quality services. Local transportation also ensures their comfort and prevents travelling hustle.

Medical tourism is a growing culture in Cancun and My Medical Vacations offer full flesh trips to the city for surgical procedures, giving best service according to the interest of patient health and safety. Trips end when patients properly rehabilitate from surgery.

  • Emergency department

In case of any mishap, there is an emergency department for all ready-to-use instruments and highly specialized staff to prevent any further damage to patient.

  • Pre- and post-operative care.

Before operation preparation of patient, all vitals are monitored and all baseline investigations are done to ensure successful operation and prevent any mishap. Post operative pain management and rehabilitation of the patient with availability of physiotherapist for proper restoration of joint mobility.

  • Cooperative and friendly staff

Highly trained nurses and technicians are very polite and cooperative to help you go through your surgery and recover quickly

  • Incredible warm weather

Help you heal quickly by increasing blood flow throughout your body.

Knee joint is one of the most demanding joints of our body and in case of any damage to it, we should seek the best viable treatment to ensure a quality lifestyle. Cancun is paradise for orthopedic surgeries and highly recommended because of its multiple benefits over other countries.

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