Arthroscopy Surgery

Arthroscopy Surgery


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After all these X-rays and CT-scan of your joints, your orthopedic surgeon advise that you need Arthroscopy of your joints and you don’t have any idea about arthroscopy and where you should get arthroscopy, then Cancún is the best place to you. Just stay with me and I will let you know the maximum low-cost and handy manner of doing this.


It is a surgical procedure through which a surgeon looks into your joint by inserting a camera which is attached to a small instrument into your joint and treating the underlying disease. It’s like a laparoscopy of the joint. This is an advanced technique to examine the disease of the joint (diagnostic) and to treat this disease(therapeutics). Unlike conventional procedures in which a large cut is given on the joint then sees the joint condition, arthroscopy requires a small incision through which a camera is inserted to visualize the joint on TV. But worry not! The surgeon will give you anesthesia before the operation.

What is the purpose of arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy used for diagnostic as well as therapeutic purposes in following conditions:

  • to remove the loose bony fragment from the joint
  • for damaged ligament as well as cartilage in the joint
  • Inflamed lining of the joint

Arthroscopy can be done of all big joint like

  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Wrist
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • ankle

arthroscopy should not be done in following condition

  • compromised skin like skin edema
  • advanced arthritis
  • vascular compromised

Risk of arthroscopy

 Arthroscopy is a harmless procedure. There is no serious complication of this procedure. Some nonspecific complications like

  • Infection of wound
  • Bleeding
  • damage to the vessels during the procedure
  • Numbness due to nervous compromise

It is an outpatient procedure but can also be done inside the wards.

When done outpatient, the procedure is short  and local anesthesia is enough, while in Indoor setting arthroscopy of ligament and cartilage repair you probably need spinal or general anesthesia.

Before operation you should:

  • Avoid medication of blood thinning and also discuss your medication you used.
  • You should fast 6-8 hours before procedure
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Remove all jewelry

What to expect in arthroscopy?

 At operation the nurse will probably pass IV cannula, through which anesthesia can be given. Then a tourniquet is applied, after proper positioning multiple incisions are given for different instruments. There will be 2-4 stitches on each cut. It takes 1-2 hour depending upon the procedure.

How can you speed-up wound healing?

You can accelerate the wound healing by following these things.

  1. RICE
  • R: REST
  • I: Ice application (cold)
  • C: compression
  • E: elevate operated part
  1. Daily dressing of wound
  2. Follow-up


It takes 1-3 weeks to heal and you can drive cars. About weight bearing your surgeon will tell you.

Red flags while recovery

You should promptly go to your surgeon if you experience any one of these:

  • fluctuating body temperature
  • continuous discharge of fluid from the wound
  • any change in color of skin
  • Numbness


In a nutshell it’s all about money and Cancún is always a win win in this regard.

  • In US knee arthroscopy for indoor (21,990 $) and outdoor (12,550 $) while

In Cancun Knee arthroscopy for indoor (7900 $) and outdoor (3000 $).



  • In US shoulder Arthroscopy for indoor (20,099 $) and outdoor (11,055 $) while

In Cancun shoulder Arthroscopy for indoor (6,000 $) and outdoor (6,000 $)

Average for the US you should have (18,975 $) and Cancún (5,500 $).

Why Cancun ?

Cancun is known for its elite medical procedures. Every procedure is done by highly trained experts and their prices are extremely low. Medical tourism is rapidly growing in the Cancun. Cancun has the best and luxurious hotels for stay, best cuisine and tremendous travel options. The airports are connected so you will not face any issue while traveling. The hospital staff is always ready to give you physical and emotional support. In a nutshell, Cancun is an all-rounder in the field of medical tourism.

Recommended Doctors:

  • Jesus Raul Arjona: he is a traumatologist and orthopedist. He has a diploma in arthroscopy. He has been doing it for many years so you can choose him without any issue. He offers consultation at Hospital Vitoria Huayacan.
  • Raúl Enrique Euán Ávila: he is an orthopedic surgeon and specialist in arthroscopy. He has studied musculoskeletal injuries. He is delivering his services at Hospital Galenia Cancun.
  • Pedro Jose Castillo: He graduated from the central university of Venezuela. he is a sports traumatology and arthroscopy specialist. He is a specialist of knee and shoulder arthroscopy. He is offering his services at Hospital Galenia.

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