Vertebroplasty: One of the Most Popular Procedures in Spine Surgery

Vertebroplasty is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is commonly used to treat vertebral fractures, which can be a result of osteoporosis. It is a popular procedure in spine surgery and has become increasingly sought after in recent years due to its high success rate and minimal invasiveness. At My Orthopedic Vacations, we specialize in providing high-quality orthopedic surgery for international patients seeking treatment in Mexico, including Cancun, Monterrey, and Puerto Vallarta.

The procedure involves injecting a special cement mixture into the damaged vertebral body to stabilize the fracture and reduce pain. The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia and takes approximately an hour to complete. This minimally invasive approach means that patients can return to their normal activities much sooner compared to traditional spinal surgery.

At My Orthopedic Vacations, we understand the importance of providing effective and minimally invasive treatments for our patients. Our team of experienced orthopedic surgeons is dedicated to providing the best possible outcomes for patients suffering from vertebral fractures.

Vertebral fractures can cause severe pain, decreased mobility, and even loss of height. In some cases, they can lead to spinal cord compression, which can result in permanent neurological damage. With vertebroplasty, patients can experience rapid pain relief and improved mobility, as well as a reduced risk of further spinal cord compression.

Our orthopedic specialists at My Orthopedic Vacations have extensive experience performing vertebroplasty for a wide range of vertebral fractures, including those caused by osteoporosis, traumatic injuries, and cancer. This means that we are able to offer this effective treatment option to a wide range of patients, regardless of the underlying cause of their vertebral fracture.

In conclusion, vertebroplasty is a highly effective and minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of vertebral fractures. At My Orthopedic Vacations, we are dedicated to providing the best possible outcomes for our international patients seeking orthopedic surgery in Mexico, including Cancun, Monterrey, and Puerto Vallarta. If you are suffering from a vertebral fracture, contact us today to learn more about how vertebroplasty may be the right treatment option for you.