The Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery

As the name suggests, Shoulder Arthroscopy is an advanced medical procedure that is being used worldwide to treat any shoulder injury. Arthroscopy exploits a tiny camera with other surgical equipment to examine the area to be repaired carefully. Bones and joints of the shoulder are surrounded by the group of shoulder muscles, ligaments, and tendons supporting it, helping to rotate and ease with the motion. However, any trauma, accident, and fall, can make shoulder muscles and tendons broken. Depending on the number of factors including age, the capacity of using the muscles, and other injuries, injury of the shoulder muscles is also variable.

What is a Shoulder Arthroscopy?

Since the medical field has also embarked on the boat of advancement, using the technology, complex medical procedures can now be done professionally with the advanced tools and experienced hands in a matter of time. Shoulder Arthroscopy is one of those gladly.

What are the basic steps involved?

  • First, the patient is given anesthesia.
  • The small incision is made to insert the Arthroscope (camera) into the shoulder. This is connected with the monitor to view the video. This helps the surgeon to locate the place of concern.
  • Surgeons inspect the damaged tissues, muscles, and cartilages in the shoulder with the help of a camera and assess the severity.
  • After the damaged place around the shoulder is examined, surgeons in Mexico, make 2-3 incisions to repair them.
  • Tears in the shoulder are repaired while the damaged part is removed and replaced.

In Which Cases Shoulder Arthroscopy is recommended?

Surgeons in Mexico would recommend the surgery to you if:

  • Painful and non-surgical problem of the shoulder.
  • You have an injured tissues, tendons, or ligaments around the shoulder bones to be fixed.
  • If you often experience swelling, pain, and stiffness around in the shoulder which moving.
  • Surgeons recommend the surgery to the old age people and not the younger ones (They can take certain medications or non-surgical approaches, unless the condition is severe)
  • Overusing muscles with age, makes it difficult for the injuries to heal on their own, and surgery is recommended.

How long does the Procedure Take?

In Mexico, with the professional tools, technical machines, and the expert team, the procedure hardly takes around 2 to 2.5 hours to fix or replace the damaged parts.

What are the Risks of the Shoulder Arthroscopy?

Surgeons in Mexico, always opt for the professional approach that mitigates the risk, however the surgery itself isn’t complex, while some minor side effects are the surgery has been reported:

  • Pain for some days.
  • Infection due to microbial attacks.
  • Minor to excessive bleeding around the shoulder.
  • You will not be able to rotate the shoulder of lifting any light of heavy object – You must let it heal completely.
  • However, blood may clot and nerves can also be damaged to some extent.

After surgery requires great care and some must follow precautions to enjoy fast recovery.

How long to recover from Shoulder Arthroscopy?

It depends, if surgeons have fixed the damaged tissues it would take up to 6 weeks to fully retrieve the strength of the muscles but if they had replaced some part, it may take up to 6 months.