Stem cell therapy for Joints

In recent years, stem cell therapy is giving tremendous results in many conditions. Especially in osteoarthritis when the only option left is arthroplasty, stem cell therapy can work wonders. In osteoarthritis, the joint cartilage covering the ends of the bones continues to deteriorate. This will result in continuously increasing pain and tenderness in the joints. In such conditions, stem cell therapy can be helpful.

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cells are non-differentiated or somewhat differentiated cells which are produced in bone marrow. They are capable of proliferating and differentiate into the other types of cells. Stem cells are produced in the bone and then they are directed to the place where they are required. Stem cell therapy works by stimulating the damaged tissues to repair them. In stem cell therapy, stem cells are placed in the affected part of the body and thus help in repair.

How does it work?

In this whole procedure, the stem cells are first removed from the body. The most common sites for the stem cells removal are spinal cord and Adipose tissue. They are then placed in the centrifugal machine which spins them and separates the growth factors. This is then injected in the affected part and triggers the repair process. It is usually an outpatient procedure and no longer requires lengthy hospital stays.


There are three main types of stem cell therapy.

  • Autologous transplant: In this type of transplant, the stem cells are obtained from your own body. The chances of transplant rejection are minimal in this type.
  • Allogeneic transplant: In this type the stem cells are obtained from a donor. The donor can or can not be your family member. The chances of rejection are relatively high.
  • Syngeneic transplant : Stem cells are received  from your twin brother or sister.


It is not a specific and least invasive treatment so it can be used for countless diseases.  As it is noninvasive so the complications are minimal and the risk of infection of the wound is eliminated. It hastens the natural recovery process of the body. The joints cartilage destruction will be slowed down and sometimes even stops. The patient’s symptoms will ease and joint play will be improved.

Risks and side effects:

Noninvasive procedures have no or very minimal side effects. The risk of immunological reaction may increase if the stem cells are donated by someone else. Some patients have reported temporary increase in the pain and tenderness which subsides

Recovery time:

The initial recovery requires 2 to 12 weeks. symptoms of the patient start to ease and the patient will start feeling better. complete recovery can take place in 3 to 6 months. the recovery time varies according to your initial health condition.

Where should I go for this?

Cancun, Mexico is known for its elite medical procedures in the whole world. The dexterous staff and highly skilled doctors cooperate with patients and complete every procedure seamlessly.  The highly competitive environment in the Cancun persuades the doctors to polish their skills and learn new procedures.

Benefits of getting your procedure done in Cancun:

  1. Every procedure done in Cancun is cost effective. Other countries charge thousands of dollars for the stem cell therapy while in Cancun it is pocket friendly. On an average stem cell therapy costs $29000 in the USA. In Cancun, it starts from $2900.
  2. The doctors and nurses are highly trained so the patient satisfaction rate is very high. the risks of failure and accidents are minimal. at the baseline investigations are done before and after every procedure.
  3. Cancun is heaven for medical tourism so the environment is highly competitive. All the doctors keep on trying to find new techniques for the best treatment of their patient.
  4. Long distance follow-ups are the best thing about Cancun. Doctors  keep a check on their patients to avoid any complications even when they are far away.

Recommended hospitals:

  1. Hospital Galena: 

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