Most Common Sports Injuries

While most sports injuries are unavoidable, some precautions can be taken to prevent them. It is important to know the most common sports injuries and get medical treatment immediately. Wounds can happen in any part of the body. Here are a few common sports injuries:


A concussion is a traumatic brain wound that can affect a person’s balance, coordination, and memory. Symptoms of a concussion include nausea, loss of balance, headache, and amnesia. It is most common in contact sports like cricket, baseball, and football but can occur in other sports, such as gymnastics.

A concussion can be severe and require medical attention. If you’ve suffered a concussion, consult with a medical professional, and don’t return to play sports until your doctor has cleared you.

Knee injuries

Almost 55% of sports injuries are knee-related. They usually involve a falling or repetitive impact on the leg. The kneecap is repeatedly hit against a leg bone, causing damage to the tissues and resulting in pain. Athletes who play contact sports are especially at risk for knee injuries, as they’re often required to move their legs above their heads.


Another type of injury is sprains. Athletes should stretch before playing physical activities. In more extreme cases, it is important to consult a sports physician. The severity of the injury determines the recovery time of this injury. Sprains can be relatively mild and go away independently after a couple of days. If the symptoms persist or you experience difficulty walking, seek medical attention.

A sprain is a painful type of sports injury. It happens when a ligament, similar to a muscle, twists in the wrong direction and tears. A sprain can happen in any portion of the body but is most common in the legs and ankles. Ankle sprains, elbow sprains, and wrist sprains are common sports injuries.

Pulled muscle

A pulled muscle is another common sports injury. You can prevent it by stretching properly. You can also avoid the symptoms of a pulled muscle by wearing proper shoes and stretching properly. In addition to stretching, you should take time to recover from the pain after your sport. A minor muscle strain will heal quickly with proper rest.

Summing up:

If you enjoy playing sports, you are at high risk of suffering from a sports injury. While it is impossible to avoid injuries, there are several precautions you can take to minimize your risk of sustaining one. To reduce the chances of sustaining one, you can prepare for sports activities by stretching, warming up, and drinking enough water. Even if you suffer from a sports injury, smart preparation will help you enjoy the sport pain-free. However, if you have experienced a severe injury, seek medical attention from My Orthopedic Vacations immediately.