Long Waiting Times For Knee Replacement in Canada

Knee replacement is an increasingly common surgical procedure in Canada and worldwide. It has been conducted since the 1970s, and the number of surgeries continues to increase. The number of knee replacement surgeries performed in Canada has increased significantly over the last five years, largely due to increased aging and obesity.

It is a common misconception that all countries have equal wait times for surgeries, but this could not be further from the truth. While Canada has a universal single-payer health insurance system, the wait times for orthopedic consultations and knee replacement surgery are often long. Some procedures in Canada require over four months to perform. While this can be frustrating, it is understandable that Canadians are generally willing to accept these delays.

Among other things, long waiting times for knee replacement surgery in Canada are often the result of long wait lists. Many Canadians have waited for weeks to be seen by a surgeon. The urgency of a patient often determines wait times for these procedures.

There are numerous advantages to knee replacement surgery. The chances of the new joint wearing out are higher in younger patients. Heavy manual labor and vigorous sports also increase the chances of needing another operation. Most knee replacement surgeries do not require a second surgery within the early years, though revision rates can reach high.

Following a knee replacement, exercise is crucial. Contact sports can loosen joint components and weaken the cement. However, recreational sports will be possible depending on your fitness level before the operation. Cycling is an excellent exercise to build up strength and mobility. Knee replacement surgery can be expensive, so check with your doctor before making your decision. Knee replacement surgery is major surgery, but it is worth it for its long-term benefits.


Your primary care physician can recommend a surgeon with experience in knee replacement surgery. Your physical therapist may also have a recommendation for a surgeon. Friends and family who have undergone knee replacement surgery may also know of a good surgeon they can recommend. Asking previous patients can give you valuable insight into how they experienced the experience. Read reviews to learn about the practice’s staff, how long the procedures take, and how well the surgeon answers your questions.

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