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Hip Replacement in Cancun

After years of a deteriorating hip joint, you are left with almost constant pain and decreased mobility. Eventually, your personal and social life suffers. You are no longer able to do all the things you could once do with ease. If you’ve exhausted all other attempts to relieve the pain and stiffness, it may be time for you and your doctor to consider hip replacement surgery. Depending on your age and the condition of your hip, hip replacement surgery in Cancun offers the best solution to your problem. Hip replacement, also known as a hip arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure that re-forms the hip joint where the damaged and diseased parts of the hip joint are removed and replaced with artificial parts, known as a prosthesis. The hip joint is a ball-and-socket type joint that can rotate in many positions. This procedure replaces both the natural socket and the rounded ball at the top of the thigh bone with duplicate parts. Hip replacement is done to increase function of the hip joint and in turn improve mobility.

Cancun exemplifies the benefits of medical travel to Mexico. For years now, Cancun hospitals have been a gold standard for medical travel. Proximity to the U.S., associations with high caliber U.S. education, research and medical institutions, and low costs of doing business have resulted in an increasing number of American medical travelers choosing Cancun for their hip replacement surgery. Hospitals in Cancun have treated more patients traveling abroad than any other hospitals in the world. With a focus on delivering top tier medical care with the most modern technology and services – including state-of-the art operating rooms and diagnostic services across all medical fields – Cancun hospitals attract top medical talent from around the world.

The benefits of doing this procedure and doing it in Cancun include affordable prices, a better posture and body stability, incredible warm weather to help you recuperate, amazing staffers and doctors who will meet your every need. Furthermore, you get improved mobility, hip pain relief and overall improved quality of life.  Hip replacement in Cancun can be performed traditionally or by using what is considered a minimally-invasive technique. The main difference between the two procedures is the size of the incision.

If you experiencing chronic hip pain that makes you unable to do your daily activity, specialist at the My Medical Vacation will gladly review much of the information regarding a hip replacement and help you with the procedure in Cancun.

Hip Replacement Cancun
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Hip Replacement Cancun
Hip replacement is done to increase function of the hip joint and in turn improve mobility. Visit My Orthopedict Vacations.
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