Femur Rod Removal – Testimonial from patient traveling from ON, Can

Pierre from Toronto, ON

Greetings and Blissfulness Team

Firstly, I wanted to thank you greatly for all of your assistance, love and help throughout my healing journey. I am truly happy to have met you all as you treated us as Family.

Dr. Santana did an amazing job, he was very detailed and very profession and definitely knew exactly what he was doing as I feel great. He answered all questions, made us feel at ease and most importantly spoke confidently about the procedure, the outcome and the healing process which helped make everything that much more easeful. We are so thankful for him and his great work as we see the results in how fast the healing is happening post-surgery.

Andres – you were so helpful throughout the whole process and aided us in picking the best Team for our healing journey. We are forever grateful to your Team for allowing us this opportunity and for having such a great group of professionals that make everything so smooth and stress free. Thank you for all that you did before we arrived and all that we know you will continue to support us as we heal! You have a really awesome team put together and that is a reflection of your great company!

Ana – Thank you so much for all your help daily and your amazing attitude. You are always positive, helpful and very accommodating with everything we needed. You treated us as family and we will forever think of you as the same. We will definitely come back to visit you and little Drake-Hafis! Congratulations again on your upcoming addition to your family, you are going to be an amazing Mom! We are so appreciative of your help at all hours and always guiding us through all that we experienced. You are very knowledgeable, tentative and caring.

The Physio Team – William and Pauloa are a great team and were really helpful in building my confidence in my strength and helping me back on my feet – literally. They bestowed true empowerment in my own ability by making me gain trust in my abilities by slowly easing me in with all the exercises at a slow and steady pace. They are a delight to work with and push me in a safe and productive way Thank you both!

Thank you so much to the team for your organization and execution of all the details to make this process seem so smooth and taking away all the stress – it was so easy to just follow all of the schedules that were made for us daily. I am happy we picked you all to be by our side and we are grateful and in gratitude for your energy, time and dedication to our healing journey.

In Gratitude, Love and Light,

Pierre and Deyana