Arthroscopy a fast process in Mexico

Arthroscopy is a procedure for the diagnosing and treating joint problems. A surgeon insert  the barrow tube attached to fibre_optic camera through a small incusion_about the size of the buttonhole The view inside your joint is transmitted  to a high definition video monitor. 

The arthroscope works to send images of damaged articular knee cartilagewear, meniscus or patella problems (structure of knee), torn cartilage,inflammed synovial tissue, loose fragment of bone or cartilage, knee sepsis(infection). 

It allows the Orthopedic to assess, feel, remove or repair the damaged tissue, without making a large incision. Surgeons can even repair some types of joint damage during arthroscopy, with pencil-thin surgical instrument inserted through additional small incisions

Why it is done :

Arthroscopy is used to diagnose and treat a variety of joint conditions, most commonly those affecting the:

● Knee

● Shoulder

● Elbow

● Ankle



As Mexico is including in top five medical tourism country, about 1.3 people million came here for different treatment.  People also came here for different arthroscopic surgeries, To get access to high quality.

Low cost Arthroscopic surgery in Mexico In addition to substantial cost savings for your orthopaedic surgery in Mexico you will also have high quality experience orthopaedic surgeons in Mexico.

Due to ever increasing number of patient seeking Orthopaedic treatment of patient, My Medical Vacations has Created a dedicated unit for orthopaedic surgery in Mexico.

The surgeons undergo a rigorous getting process to guarantee the highest safety and quality standards for our international patients, our compliance team ensure our doctors are fully accredited and licensed where they practise and mee the requirement. 

Recovery time after a orthopaedic surgery in Mexico will depend on the types of surgery and will vary from patient to patient. With the improvement of modern technology, the recovery has been reduced significantly.

Minimally invasive

Small to minimal scars, Decrease pain and swelling

Fewer risks, Regain movement in joints

You can also get a free quote:

  1. Hip resurfacing
  2. Revision Hip replacement
  3. Knee Arthroscopy
  4. Revision Knee Replacement
  5. Rotator Cuff Tightening
  6. Laminectomy
  7. Shoulder Replacement
  8. Oxford Knee Replacement
  9. Total Hip Replacement

Cost of Arthroscopy Surgery in Mexico:

  1. Arthroscopy  knee          =$US 3,700 to $US 6,000
  2. Arthroscopic  shoulder  =$US 3,700 to $US 6,000
  3. Arthroscopy Hip              =$US 3,700 to $US7,900
  4. Arthroscopy Wrist          = $US 2,900 to $US 4,000

Mexico medical Tourism along with great access and Low cost of arthroscopic surgery, it has designed some medical tourism package for the convenience of people, it include:

●On-site local transportation

● Surgery centre’s fees and hospitalization

●Anaesthesia and anaesthesiologist

Post operation medication