ACL Reconstruction (Orthopedic Surgery) in Mexico

An ACL reconstruction is known as Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction, it is done to replace the worn ligament of the knee. The purpose is to restore the function after certain injuries.

The report concludes that most of the knee injuries that require ACL treatment are often during the sports that demand abrupt changing of the body position i.e. in basketball, football, soccer, and gymnastics.

Anterior Cruciate surgery is being done professionally all across Mexico, but the irony is, so many people are not fully aware of what ACL is all about. Why and how it is done, what are the types, what are the advantages of having it.

This blog is written to apprise people in-depth about ACL. Are you concerned??? Scroll down for more!

Why ACL is done??

Ligaments are the stiff bands that help bones to connect with one another, and they give them stability. Anterior Cruciate Ligament is one of the 2 ligaments that help femur to connect with the tibia, and this way the knee joint is stabilized.

If due to any injury, ACL is torn out, it has to be replaced immediately to stop further damages.

How ACL is done??

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ACL surgery generally involves the repairing and reconstructing of the Anterior torn out ligament. A graft (a piece of the bone or tendon) is required to replace the injured part of the knee. In the procedure the most preferred graft is an “Auto-graft”– A graft pulled out from the same individual from another organ, specifically from knee-cap”.

Arthroscopic surgery is done by making small incisions on the knee and orthopedic practitioners in Mexico insert the instrument for the procedure. Open surgery is also done to bring complete relief.

Besides the option of reconstruction surgery, here professionals are also specialized in repairing the ACL. It is done when avulsion fractures occur when the bones and ligaments get separated in a result of sudden movement of the body.

How many types of Graft are there?

ACL surgery could either be mild or severe; it could also be done by making some small incisions or could even lead to open surgery but in both cases, the selection of graft is something puzzles patients requiring ACL surgery.

If you are concerned, then knowing about graft would benefit you!

Below are some types practitioners prefer to choose from:

Patellar Tendon Autograft:

This structure connects kneecap with the tibia bone. The range of the width of the tendon in humans is 25-30 mm. When this graft is selected, 1/3 of the tendon along with the small portion of the bone near kneecap is chosen and used which is about 10mm in width.

Hamstring Tendon Autograft:

The group of Hamstring muscles is located behind the thigh. During the surgery, some of the muscles are used. Over the years, this method is modified to a great extend in Mexico.


This is a tissue graft from the donor who is not genetically identical to the patient. The graft is being used for years to revise the unsatisfied or failed reconstruction.

What are the advantages of having ACL reconstruction?

As the surgery is required to bring back the proper functioning of the knee and is beneficial for those who have lost the function. The advanced way of ACL repair surgery in Mexico also prevents the damage of the knee cartilage in the future happenings. For the next many years, it makes a knee stable – able for walking, running, jumping, and playing other sports.

ACL Reconstruction (Orthopedic Surgery) in Mexico
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ACL Reconstruction (Orthopedic Surgery) in Mexico
Arthroplasty is the surgery done to replace a diseased or a torn out knee. This surgery includes replacing the knee with artificial material either metal or plastic with fixed artificial joints.
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