5 Exercises to Strengthen Knees

To strengthen your knees, start by doing exercises that target the muscles around your knees. Exercises that strengthen your muscles help improve balance and lubricate your knees without straining them. To do this exercise, stand at the bottom of a staircase or a portable aerobic step. Here are five exercises to strengthen the knees.

Knee Extension

Begin by lying on your side with your knee bent, then lift your top leg while keeping it in line with your lower leg. Lower your top leg slowly, and repeat the exercise twice or three times. Execute two to four sets of six to 10 reps. Repeat the exercise with the other leg and alternate legs. This exercise will strengthen the knees and keep them flexible. Performing this exercise three to four times daily will keep your knees strong.

Knee Flexion

You need to develop a comprehensive exercise routine that combines cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance exercises to strengthen your knees. The good news is that several good exercises target the knee joints and the surrounding leg muscles. Performing knee flexion frequently is sufficient to build strong knees. A great example of this exercise is bending the knee.

Heel and Calf Raises

Heel and calf raise help to build strength in your calves and knees. You can do them on either foot by standing with your toes on the floor or a step. You should aim for a stretch in both areas and avoid pain. To increase the difficulty of heel raises, you can add weight. If you want to develop strength in your calves and knee, try doing heel and calf raises with weights. This exercise stretches the calf and ankle muscles more and helps create better mobility in your toes.

Wall Squats

Another exercise that works the quadriceps is the wall squat. To perform this exercise, stand with your hands on a wall, with your toes facing forward and heels flat. Keep your knees slightly bent. Lean forward with your heels in front of you, aiming to lift your hips towards the ceiling. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds, then slide up the wall with your legs.


While swimming can improve knee flexibility, you’ll also need to develop mobility in other areas. Physiotherapists recommend a strengthening program to improve mobility and flexibility. Various forms of therapeutic gymnastics, including swimming, can help. Therapeutic gymnastics help strengthen knees, muscles, and ligaments. But the best way to strengthen your knees is to start swimming! Regardless of age, swimming is a great sport for everyone. And it’s fun!


To strengthen your knees, contact my orthopedic vacations for some helpful exercises. Knee exercises should be performed properly, but you should also be aware of your body’s limitations. To make sure you aren’t doing anything the wrong way, consult with My Orthopedic Vacations before beginning any exercise program.